Specialty Items and Paid Shipping

ShopBetter24.co.uk offers free shipping on all orders, which is automatically included in the final price.
Additionally we offer faster shipping for an added fee, which will be listed on the checkout page, based on your address information.

Specialty Items
Specialty items can be anything from large TVs, furniture, pallet orders etc. These might apply for an additional shipping fee, if the dimensions and/or delivery address is unsuitable for the our free shipping -options.

Small items such as a pencil or paper clips, might also be placed in the 'Specialty Items' category, as most couriers either handle these packages with less than accepted care and attention, or simply deny delivery due to it not being ECO Friendly (we are on the same page here).

Important: Any added shipping fees for Specialty Items or alternative addresses, will still place your order below the average market price.

Price Guarantee
Price Guarantee does not cover Specialty Items, as shipping is excluded from the item price, when and if calculating a possible Price Guarantee.