How to handle Factory Defects and Missing Items

In any of the following incidents, you have 48 hours from receiving the items to communicate the incident.

How should you proceed when receiving a shipment:
All our items leave the warehouse with the packaging in perfect condition.

The first thing you should do is check that the number of received packages matches those sent. Second, inspect each package externally with great care in order to see if there are any signs of it having been hit or mishandled, such as bumps, dents, holes, boxes in poor condition, courier seals or any sign that may lead to suspect that the goods may be damaged.

It is mandatory to leave a note and signature on the courier's delivery note, either on paper or digital support (PDA), "PACKAGE VISIBLY DAMAGED" if these signs are present. Not signing a package as VISIBLY DAMAGED and then presenting images that show visible damage to it will mean the incident will automatically be rejected.

Product with visible damage:
Please attach the following documentation:
1. photo of the outside of the box;
2 photo of the courier label;
3. photo of the inside of the box with the product and protectors;
4. photo of the damaged or broken product;
5. photo or copy of the delivery invoice attached to the parcel
(delivery note with the list of products and stamps);

Erroneous product:
In case of an erroneous product delivered, you should attach the following:
1. photo of the erroneous product received;
2. Image of the list of products with stamps;
3. EAN code photograph of erroneous product received (barcode);

Missing product:
In order to be able to manage your incidence we need the following:
1. photo of the box;
2. photo of the courier label;
3. photo or copy of the delivery document attached to the parcel (list of products with stamps).

Missing parts
Please provide a Photo indicating the missing piece/s on the product image at our shop;

Warranty/defective item
In order to be able to manage the incident we need the following from you:
1. A video/picture where we can assess the non-functioning issue you have indicated.
2. A photo of the manufacturer label, with the serial number visible, if the product from your request is an electronic device or a home appliance.
3. A photo where the EAN code of the malfunctioning/defective product can be seen.
4. A copy of the list of products with stamps (Delivery note attached to the parcel)
This helps us to detect when a client is not using a product correctly, when the functioning issue can be solved by sending a spare part or when the only solution is a collection for a repair or refund.

As soon as we receive your reply we will confirm how we will solve your incident.

Please be reminded that:
Any sign of tampering or repair by unofficial technical support will void the manufacturer's warranty.